Speaking Tubes

A visitor speaks to a tube’s opening and another person listens from any of the other tubes. The objective is to identify which tubes are connected.



String Telephone

Two persons talk and listen to each other on opposite sides of the exhibit using the tin cans as receivers and speakers. The vibration of the string can be observed as they converse.



Internet of Things (IoT)

Each smartphone in the exhibit is installed with a dedicated application software (app) of a device. The app allows visitors to connect and control each device based on settings that they want.



Cellular Network

The exhibit simulates how a cellular network works. When the visitor places the cell phone in the center of a colored hexagon, all of the LEDs in the cell phone holder light up. This means that a strong signal is received because the cell phone is near a cell tower. As the visitor moves the cell phone on the edge of the hexagon, few LEDs light up. This means that the cell phone is away from a cell tower thus it receives a weak signal. But when the cell phone is placed in center of the white-colored hexagon, the LEDs did not light up at all. The white-colored hexagon represents a dead zone.