Featured Exhibits

Artificial Gravity

The exhibit simulates a space station while it is spinning; the wall of the station applies a center-seeking (centripetal) force on the person or the cubes that keep them traveling in a circular path.

Cloud Ring

Gently press down on the top plate. Watch the cloud coming from the opening. See it rise. When water flows around a stone in a canal, friction between the stone and the water makes the water curls in on itself, forming a swirling pattern. A similar effect happens in this exhibit. When you press down on the top plate, you force a stream of fine water droplets (cloud) through the hole in the center.

Free the Chain

Free the chain from entanglement by transferring it from one ring holder to another Try putting the chain back to its original position. The exhibit is generally classified as Disentanglement puzzle. It involves getting the chain out of its entanglement from the four holders and four rings.

Flashing Pendulum

The pendulum bob has a magnet at the end.  On each swing, the magnet crosses a coil of copper wire assembly. The LED (light emitting diode) bulbs light up as the magnet passes the coils. The exhibit demonstrates the phenomenon of inducing a current by changing the magnetic field in a coil of wire.  This phenomenon called Electromagnetic Induction is the basis for the design of all electric generators.