Featured Exhibits

Photovoltaic Cell

The photovoltaic cell (PV) directly converts light energy into electricity. The mini fan at the bottom of the tube blows air that keeps the styro ball floating. The height of the ball depends on the speed of the fan which itself depends on energy received from the lamps. Blocking all or part of the light that strikes the PV cell affects the output which is the height of the ball. Readings on the ammeter and voltmeter show the amount of current and voltage passing the circuit.

Solar Car

When you focus the lamp on the car, the solar cells on the car directly convert the light into electricity. The electricity that is generated runs the small gear motor of the car. The car’s speed depends on the energy received by the solar cells.

Magnetic or Non Magnetic

Which objects are attracted to the magnet? Which are not attracted?


The exhibit displays 3 rods, each with a separate switch button and voltmeter in an independent circuit. The first two rods are black iron rods (B.I.) and the last one is made of wood.  The first and the last rods have the same number of coil s and the middle is half the number of coil winding.