Featured Exhibits

Up Hill Rollers

The double cone rolls on a pair of wooden rails which are pitched slightly uphill as they widen. The cone seems to move uphill, because it rolls up the rails. It does so, because as the rails widen,   more of the cone falls below the level of the rails.

Ferro Fluid

Rotate the disc to move the magnet attached to it. Observe the behavior of the black liquid on the pan. The black liquid is ferro fluid (from the Latin ferrum, meaning iron).   This liquid is a colloidal mixture of small magnetic particles (~10 nm in diameter) suspended in a liquid carrier. The carrier is coated with a surface active substance (surfactant) that prevents the particles from sticking together.

Bernoulli Blower

The ball stays afloat because the air from the blower exerts an upward force on the ball. The faster you pedal, the higher the ball will float.

Simple Generator

The Exhibit displays the major components of a simple generator and motor. By turning the crank, the magnet moves near a coil of wire making LEDs (Light emitting diodes) light.