Featured Exhibits

Bridge – A –Gap

When you walk on the bridge without the sidings, it sags. When the sidings are positioned upright, the bridge remains rigid even when you walk on it.

Touch me if you can

The object that you see is actually an image in space created by two concave mirrors facing each other.  The object is placed at the center of the bottom mirror. When light from a point on the object hits the top mirror, it reflects in parallel rays. These parallel rays hit the bottom mirror and reflect so that they come together and form a point located at one focal length from the bottom mirror.

Colored shadow

When you stand in front of the wall, you produce three colored shadows: cyan, magenta, and yellow. The color of each shadow is the complement of the color of the light source–red, green, and blue. These three primary colors make up white. 

3D Tic Tac Toe

The game's objective is to have three balls of the same color in a row. A row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal on a board. A row can also go from top, to middle, and to the bottom board or vice versa– this row can be vertical or diagonal.