The Philippine Science Centrum houses over a 100 interactive exhibits in 10 exciting galleries.



Put to test your thinking and physical skills as you put these exhibits in motion.

Earth Science

Marvel how different occurrences shape the Earth and how affect it.the Earth and how affect it.

 Electricity and Magnetism

See how these invisible forces come to life
in this gallery that will put your nerves to the

Kid's World

Kids rule in this spectacular gallery where they learn basic concepts on shapes, colors, and sizes while having fun and making friends.


Discover how light behaves and affects our daily lives.


Get ready to be wet and wacky as you splash
into this gallery.


Experience the wonders of numbers, equations, formulas, and more in this exciting gallery


Put to test your thinking and physical skills as you put these exhibits in motion.



Tumble into space and beyond as you explore the different forces that formed the stars, planets,
galaxies, and more in the universe.

 Vision and Perception

More-than-meets-the-eye exhibits are featured in this mind-bending gallery that will make you take a second, third, and more look on what you see.


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