With a core group of trained engineers and designers in the field of science exhibit development, the SCFI is committed to develop informative, engaging, durable and safe interactive modules.


The SCFI offers the following services:

• Research, development and design of interactive science exhibits

• Fabricate and supply interactive exhibits

• After sales services and maintenance

• Integrate design process with exhibit prototyping and production to ensure exhibits are highly interactive, safe and durable

• Provide exhibit content, graphics and exhibit service manual



Office: Philippine Science Centrum, E-Com, Bldg. Riverbanks Center, Barangka, Marikina City
Warehouse: Coats Manila Bay, Inc. Compound, Lopez Jaena St., Tanong, Marikina City
Tel.: (02) 942-4137/261-6457  Fax: (02) 942-5091



Contact Numbers
Office: (02) 942-4137
Bookings and Reservations: (02) 942-5136
Telefax: (02) 942-5091
Mobile: 0917-526-6356

Email Addresses

E-Com Building, Riverbanks Center,Barangka, Marikina City

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