Greenhouse Effect

The exhibit simulates the greenhouse effect. The focusing lamp above each dome represents the Sun. Each dome represents the Earth's atmosphere. 


 Aeolian Landscape

The styropore blows in a different direction, the styro bits get blown and pile up. When the fan re blown in that direction, pile up and eventually cascade. Geologists use the term Aeolian” to refer to land formations that are caused by wind. Two common examples are sand dunes and snow. The exhibit simulates the formation of dune observable in Aeolian landscape. The styropore bits represent sand on land, while the fan represents wind.





The exhibit simulates a biogas generator. The left digester tank contains biodegradable waste (e.g. rice straw, animal, manure), water and starter microorganisms called methanogens. The wastes are broken down into simple products by the microorganisms. One of the products is methane. This is the gas bubbles in the water and collects in the inverted drum.



The exhibit simulates the formation of a cyclone. The mist represents warm air.
The air being blown from holes in the pipes causes the mist to rotate.