Frozen Shadow

Find out why your shadow remains on the wall after you walk away. The wall is painted using glow-in-the-dark pigments and white paint binder. The pigments or phosphors absorb light and continue to glow for 2 to 3 minutes even after the light switches off.

Colored Shadow

Watch your shadow dance in living color. When you stand in front of the wall, you produce three colored shadows: cyan, magenta, and yellow. The color of each shadow is the complement of the color of the light source-red, green, and blue. These three primary colors make up white.


Bird in a Cage

Look at the red bird steadily for at least one minute, then look at the empty cage. Do you see a bird in the cage?  What is this bird’s color? After looking at the birds in picture one at a time, you see the following afterimages in the cage. The color of an afterimage is the complement of the bird’s color in the picture. The back of the eyes (retina) is lined with the photoreceptor cells called rods and cones.