Human Gyro Ride

Be an Astronaut for a day and tumble in space. This interactive exhibit is based on the machine developed by NASA in the 1960's for the training program of the Apollo and Gemini Astronauts. 


I am an Astronaut

Position your face in front of the window. Hold still and press the button. See your face inside the astronaut’s helmet. Look at the astronaut’s suit. How is the suit fitted for use in space?

Your Weight on Other Planets

Stand on the weighing scale. Read your weight on Earth, on the other planets, and on the Earth’s moon. Where do you weigh the most? Where do you weigh the least?



Examine the shape of the lighted image. Is the galaxy spiral or elliptical in shape? Press the SPIRAL or ELLIPTICAL button and see if your answer is correct. A galaxy is a system of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity. Astronomers classify most galaxies by shape as either spiral or elliptical galaxies.